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Problem w/o tech - while I waiting for a response but I have had this tech before and I recommend them

" . recommended your service again today. "  March 10th, 2017

He was great. james is knowledable, helpful and very human. a pleasure to work with.

" I love the site. i've never asked a question without getting help. you can't say that about some sites, or some people. protonic is wonderful! "  March 7th, 2017

Really helpful and friendly, professional but without being condescending - great work james! very good approach to troubleshooting. thanks for all your help :)

" Maybe put the 'ask a question' link above the page fold on front page. it would be easier to find :) "  March 2nd, 2017

Helpful information; thanks!  February 27th, 2017

bel arc fixed the problem although it took time for it to be fixed. now it runs correctly. I also sent bel arc and email regarding this issue.

" Recommended you again today. "  February 17th, 2017

Paul understood my question and gave me the exact information I needed. thank you

" I am my group's techie. I know quite a bit, but when I do not know the answer, I turn to i've been relying on them to be my support source since 1998, I believe, and have had only one or two unsatisfactory sessions. thanks "  February 13th, 2017

Really great help.

" Great job! "  February 8th, 2017

I received a reply in very short time. I am very computer illiterate, but the technician tried. my roommate seems to think he can solve the problem.

" Protonic is a god send. they have helped in the past. "  February 7th, 2017

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  Skype application for Linux

Microsoft has just released the beta version of its new Skype application for Linux. This new version, despite being in stable, has replaced the existing Skype 4.3 on its website as the default download.

If you are not already aware, until now, Microsoft used a Qt based Skype client for Linux. T... Show More
  Top 8 Things to do with a new Windows 10 System

A fresh installed Windows 10 operating system, regardless of whether it is store-bought, an upgrade from an earlier version of Windows, or a reset of Window 10 machine, is a good opportunity to apply some useful tweaks and fixes to the operating system.

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  How To Repair Windows 10

The fastest, easiest, most reliable method when fixing an error in Windows 10 is to complete what is called an "in-place" reinstall. Note: The computer must be able to boot into Windows 10 since the user will be starting the install from a running instance of Windows 10. How well Windows 10 doesn't ... Show More
  Adguard website: Download Windows and Office ISO images

Adguard is a third-party web service that allows you to download Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office ISO images from Microsoft services directly.

Microsoft makes it quite difficult for the average user to download ISO images of Windows or Office.

While you can grab some ISOs from Microsoft ... Show More
  Share your Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi on Windows 10 PC w/o a Router

Have you connected your Windows 10 PC to the internet with an Ethernet connection and now want to share the Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi with your other devices? In this guide, we will see how to share your Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi in Windows 10.

Using a wireless router is perhaps the bes... Show More
  How to Protect Your Privacy in Firefox with the Privacy Settings Addon

Privacy is the foremost concern for just about any computer user in today’s world of snoopy governments, massive password leaks, and Google, Facebook and company just being their data-gathering corporate selves.

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  Firefox tips and tricks

Make Firefox faster and customize it to your liking.

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  32 Hidden Chrome Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Chrome has a ton of hidden little tricks that you may not know about.

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  Remove Live Tiles and Resize the Start Menu in Windows 10

For some folks, the addition of live tiles isn't exactly a desirable feature, as they take up quite a bit of space and make your Start menu much bigger than it needs to be. So if you prefer a slim, clutter-free Start menu, you'll be happy to know that these live tiles can be removed, which will then... Show More
  7 tips for extending the range, speed and security of your wireless router

Wireless routers make it very easy to share your high speed Internet connection with guests and family members. They also make it easy to use your laptop or mobile devices in any room in the house without running cables all over the place.

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  How to Clear and Reset DNS Cache in MacOS Sierra

Mac OS users who have modified their DNS settings may need to clear their DNS cache before the changes take effect. Additionally, sometimes name servers and domains may not resolve as intended if you have stale DNS cache on the Mac, another situation where resetting DNS cache can often be the soluti... Show More
  Windows 10 How to turn off ads in File Explorer

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system differs in several regards from previous versions. It is the last version of Windows according to Microsoft, was offered as a free upgrade to existing license holders, and its core powers not only desktop PCs but also the company's Xbox, mobiles, and other dev... Show More

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  Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee warns of the three big dangers facing the ...

tim berners-lee, fake news, web foundation

It's been 28 years since Sir Tim Berners-Lee submitted his original proposal for the world wide web. To mark the occasion, the Web Foundation founder has written a blog post highlighting what he believes are the three challenges facing the internet toda... Show More
  Desktop Linux the best it has ever been and it keeps getting better

While users of proprietary operating systems suffer with new, slower, buggier, more spy-filled systems, Linux users are enjoying better performance and more support.

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  Google Discloses Serious Security Flaws in Microsoft Products

Microsoft fails to patch any of the three serious security flaws that affect its operating system.

Google disclosed an unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge web browsers. After giving Microsoft 90 days to fix the bug, Google researchers have published the details of the... Show More
  CCleaner v5.28, to boost your PC's performance

If your PC is running slowly and freezing, you might not be aware that routine cleaning is what keeps your PC working at peak performance. CCleaner does just that...
CCleaner safely cleans the useless files, data and settings accumulated during day-to-day use, which clog up your computer. It also p... Show More
  Mozilla: people have no idea how to protect their privacy and security onli...

Privacy and security are major concerns when it comes to life online, but a survey by Mozilla reveals that a worrying number of people do not know how to stay in control of them. The company also found that a third of people feel they have no control over their information online, with a similar num... Show More
  Mobile Menace Monday: Facebook Lite infected with Spy FakePlay

A version of the popular mobile app Facebook has been found to be infected with what we detect as Android/Trojan.Spy.FakePlay. Facebook Lite is a more compact version of the popular app that uses less data and claims to work in all network conditions (i.e. where network conditions are poor).

The... Show More
  Free antivirus coupon leads to tech support scam

Before we showed how users were redirected to a tech support scam page via a rogue Google Chrome extension. This time we take a look at another clever ruse to trick you into calling for assistance, and ultimately getting scammed.

This scheme is actually hosted on the same domain that was running ... Show More
  Mac security facts and fallacies

Fallacy: Macs don't get viruses

The idea that there are no viruses for the Mac goes back to the beginning of Mac OS X, at the very beginning of this millennium. Most people associate this idea most strongly with the "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" commercials from a decade ago:

Unfortunately, this is a m... Show More
  Windows vs Linux - What's the best operating system?

Given their different strengths and use cases, it's difficult to definitively state whether Linux or Windows is the better OS.

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  Nvidia Driver 378.78 big DirectX 12 improvements

Nvidia released a new driver for GeForce video cards yesterday that bumps the version to 378.78 and improves DX12 performance significantly. The new video card driver ships with three core improvements; namely, DirectX 12 optimizations, support for the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, and Game Ready support for... Show More
  Safari browser sheds users, mimicking IE

Apple's Safari browser, like rival Internet Explorer (IE), has lost a significant number of users in the last two years, data published Wednesday showed. The most likely destination of Safari defectors: Google's Chrome.

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  Best Linux distributions for beginners

Let's face it, Linux can pose an overwhelming complexity to new users. But then, it's not Linux itself that brings this complexity. Rather, it's the "newness" factor that causes this.

Not knowing where to start can be a downer. Especially for someone who does not have the concept of something els... Show More